Things To Do With Kids In Hawaii

Over the years, Hawaii has made a name for itself as a popular tourist destination. It is an interesting place with lots of potential. People go here all the time in order to see its natural beauty, to enjoy the tropical weather, indulge on sweet tropical fruits such as mangoes and pineapple, and be able to see different kinds of marine species.

Children are special considerations when on vacation. They want different things and they are basically curious. In order to make the most of everyone’s holidays, you need to make sure that the kids are having a great time as well. Here are some of the things that will keep them busy in Hawaii.

The Atlantis Adventure

Kids love adventure and here in Hawaii, they’d get plenty of that. The Atlantis Adventure specifically caters to kids and feeds their curiosity and need for discovery. Kids will have a chance to do something really cool, like ride a submarine. This underwater vehicle will take the children closer to the sea’s most interesting species. The coral reefs, the eels, turtles, and butterfly fish are only some of the creatures that will greet them on their deep sea dive. Surely, this is an activity they will remember for always.

The Lava Tubes

It’s not every day that one can be up close and personal with volcanoes. Here in Hawaii, children can do just that. The lava tubes provide a challenging trail that kids can explore. They can learn all about mineral formations such as the stalagmites and stalactites that are often seen in caves. The tubes are kept at a constant temperature so they are kid friendly. A picnic is the most popular thing to do afterwards to have the energy for the next attraction—the Garden Maze.


In Hawaii, kids can spend some time with the friendliest sea creatures of all—the dolphins. The dolphins are great with children because they are so gentle, playful, and great swimmers. Just watching them at play is fun. Swimming with them is even better.

Kids Club

Most Hawaii hotels and resorts boast about their children’s club. Exciting activities made especially for kids make them very popular among the young set and their parents. At the kids club, little ones can do crafts, join games, and socialize with other kids. While there, they’d be able to play and learn new things. Grand Wailea Resort and Spa is one hotel that is known for its activities made for kids. Scavenger hunts, races, and native games are very popular in this resort.


Like adults, kids get stressed too. With their high level of energy, they can be pretty exhausted all day while playing and keeping up with the desires of their young minds. The one thing you can do for them is to take them with you to the spa. Spa treatment for kids such as body wraps and massages will improve their circulation, heal sun burnt skin, and help improve sleep. So, if you want kids to be healthy and relaxed the entire time, treat them for some spa ritual.

Hawaii is a kid-friendly place. If you are planning for your ultimate family vacation, make sure to include Hawaii on your list of options. 

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