20 Best & Fun Things to Do In Temple, TX

Are you looking for fun things to do in Temple, TX? This lively city has plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. There is something for everyone in this Central Texas town, from outdoor activities to cultural attractions.

Temple is a vibrant city that is known for its outstanding art and culture. The community is very friendly and has a rich history, culture, and food scene.

The city is between Waco and Austin, making it a great place to visit for those who want to experience all Texas offers.

The city has many outdoor attractions that will keep you entertained, including the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum and the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area.

Temple also gives visitors a glimpse of the Wild West through its many historical sites and buildings.

You can also enjoy the city’s delicious food, which is known for its barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Here are 20 fun things to do in Temple, Texas.

Things to do in Temple

1. Spare Time Texas

Have fun with your whole family at this bowling alley and fun center. They have plenty of lanes available for open bowling, and in the evenings, you can enjoy “glow bowling” with neon lights.

There is also an arcade with games that will appeal to all ages. Enjoy climbing our ropes course, playing laser tag games, driving the go-karts, daring to participate in axe throwing, practicing with our batting cages, or playing volleyball.

If you’re looking for a birthday party venue that has something for everyone, look no further than this center! It’s one of the most popular fun things to do in Temple.

2. Hindu Temple Of Central Texas

If you need a place of serenity, or you are a Hindu looking for a place to practice your faith, this beautiful temple will be a good place to visit.

There is a temple inside where they worship the Hindu deities, and there are two Hindu priests available to conduct services.

The center also features a cultural arts theatre and a dining hall. The temple has many outreach programs in the community, including giving away food to needy neighborhood families.

They also host a monthly soup kitchen. The staff at the center offers yoga classes or classes about the Bhagavad Gita.

3. The Wilson House

One of the best things to do in Temple is to take a step back in time and learn about the history of this city.

The Wilson House was built in 1959 by its first resident: Ralph Wilson, Sr. He and his family lived there until 1972, but this home was unique.

Most of its features were fashioned from laminated plastic, which was Ralph Wilson’s field of expertise. He was the inventor of Wilsonart – the practice of using laminated plastic for as many devices as possible.

Ralph made all the counters in this home and all the bathroom fixtures of laminated plastic. The place has a retro-40s feel. Visitors can make an appointment to tour the home.

This home is registered in the National Register of Historic Places because of its significance to the community and its unique features.

4. Water Parks

One of the fun things to do in Temple is to cool off at one of the city’s water parks. Here are two of the most popular:

Lions Junction Family Water Park

Bring the whole family here to cool down and have a great time. Enjoy the pools, where they have professional lifeguards on duty at all times, or have fun on the water rides like the Lazy River or a large, winding water slide.

There’s a snack bar, which is great (because they don’t allow visitors to bring their own food and drink into the park.)

Summer Fun Water Park

This is another place to bring your kids for fun in the water. It features three giant water slides plus a 40-foot water tower.

There’s a Lazy River ride and several pools that are sized for all ages; at this park, you are permitted to bring a cooler for your family’s food and drinks.

The various activities in the playground will allow your kids to swing, climb and explore.

Inside the center is a room full of toy trains that the kids can play with. This place is pet-friendly. It’s the ultimate destination for fun in the sun.

These water parks are a great option if you are looking for fun things to do in Temple with your kids!

7. Miller Springs Nature Centre

This center is perfectly situated between the Belton dam and the Leon River. Admission is free.

Although there are many interesting trails here, the center does not provide tour guides. In addition to hiking, visitors can enjoy fishing and rock climbing.

Mountain bike riders can also enjoy the trails. Its 25 miles of wetlands provide many opportunities for bird watchers.

8. Czech Heritage Center

This town has a large Czech population, and its history is integral to the area’s history. This museum will help visitors learn about the cultural and ethnic history of the Czech population.

Their exhibits are planned to educate all ages and have artifacts and displays about military memorabilia and real vintage marionettes dressed in traditional Czech garb.

One display holds a Bible that has been there since 1549. The Bible is written in the Slavic language.

One of its popular attractions is a room full of information about Czech genealogy, where Czech families can trace their ancestry. The museum also offers dance classes to teach Czech folk dancing.

9. Parks Of Temple

Parks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and there are many things to do in Temple at its parks.

Pepper Creek

The largest hiking trail here is the Pepper Creek Trail, which follows the creek as it winds through the valley surrounding its towering mountains. There are also lanes on the trails reserved for bike riders.

Temple Lake Park

This is a popular place for picnics since plenty of picnic tables is available. There is a large pavilion for shelter on rainy days, but visitors can enjoy swimming at its beach on sunny days. You can also go fishing on the lake or stroll over to the 25-acre manmade wetland area where you can view lots of animals like deer and turkeys.

Leona Park

This park’s best-known feature is its two-lane boat dock. There is also a very popular skate park with a ramp.

Miller Park

This is where many people come each morning for a walk or jog because its three-quarter mile path is a perfect size. There is also a playground with a splash park for younger children. Soccer fans will find a great soccer pitch so they can play here.

Friars Creek Trail

This park has a large network of connecting trails, and you can have a different experience each time you visit here. The park covers two miles, and you will see large expanses of beautiful meadows and its namesake creek. There are also trails for bikers.

Silverstone Park

This is a great family park with a basketball court, a playground, picnic tables, and some lovely trails.

Ferguson Park

This is yet another park that brings natural beauty to the town of Temple. You can enjoy a picnic, a playground, a rope climbing tree, and splash pads where the kids can cool down.

Lion Park

If you enjoy disc golf, you will enjoy coming here to play in its beautiful surroundings. You can also enjoy a picnic, softball games, or a hike around the pond.

10. Temple Railroad And Heritage Museum

One of the top things to do in Temple, TX, is to visit the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum.

The Santa Fe Railroad used to have a train stop in Temple, and this museum is at the original site of that railway station.

The museum tells the story of the influence of the railroad on the city of Temple and its surrounding area.

The museum staff holds live exhibitions that explain how the old railroad cars worked, and the visitors can explore the exhibits that show various railroad pictures and memorabilia.

11. Dining In Temple

One of the best things to do in Temple is to enjoy its great food scene. There are many great places to eat in Temple, TX. You can find everything from BBQ to Mexican food.

Some popular places to eat are:

Wings Pizza and Things

This is a great casual restaurant where the whole family can enjoy a delicious meal at reasonable prices. They feature wings and pizza (of course!) but also offer burgers, shrimp, wraps, and salad. Beer and wine are available to adult patrons.

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Don’t miss this place if you prefer to dine on Asian flavors. This restaurant is reputed to have been the place where General Tso’s chicken was first invented and served. You can try any of their authentic Chinese dishes, grab some take-out food or enjoy the Chinese buffet.


This is the place to go if you’re looking for an old-fashioned Italian restaurant. The ambiance is that of a Sunday afternoon in the home of an Italian grandmother.

You can get some authentic Italian food and enjoy their extensive wine menu. The first Friday of every month is lobster night, but you can select expertly prepared pasta, steak, or seafood on any night there.

Cheeves Brothers Steakhouse

You’re in Texas, so you’ll want to eat at a Texas chophouse. This is it! This upscale steakhouse is known for the quality of its food but also for its extensive wine cellar.

The interior is one of warm lighting and genuine leather seats. The ambiance is one of luxury and comfort. In addition to the very best cuts of Angus steaks, you can choose African lobster tails, freshly caught fish, pasta, or chicken.

12. Mary Alice Marshall Performing Center

If you’d like to enjoy some relaxing and beautiful music while visiting the temple, be sure to get a ticket to a performance by the Temple Symphony Orchestra when they perform here.

The orchestra features 90 professional musicians. Some of their concerts are especially orchestrated for children, and they enjoy providing music education opportunities for all ages.

13. Bell County Museum

This stately building looks like a bank, but take the chance to visit here if you want to know more about Temple’s history during past eras.

You can see a restored log cabin that was built in the 1850s, an exhibit highlighting the exploration of the Chisolm trail, and a tower dedicated to Temple’s pioneer days.

The center also hosts “archeological digs” for visitors supervised by museum staff. If you are interested in learning more about Bell County’s heritage, make sure to add the place to your bucket list of things to do in Temple.

14. Central Texas Bark Park

If you’re traveling with the family dog, why not let your pup enjoy a visit to an attraction made just for them?

The park offers separate areas for large and small dogs; each part of the park is fenced in. There are ample seats around the park for you to sit back and enjoy watching your dog play with its canine friends.

15. Hawkeye Shooting Academy

Have fun, test your aim and challenge your partner to an accuracy contest when you use the shooting lanes at this indoor rifle range. You can use handguns or long guns.

There are gun leagues for local residents here; both men’s and women’s leagues meet here. They also offer shooting lessons, shooting demonstrations, and contests.

There is also a gunsmithing shop, which will repair and refurbish your gun or allow you to buy any needed parts. They are sold here if you are in the market to buy a gun.

16. Cinemark Temple And Xd

Are you and your family need a relaxing activity after all your walking and recreational stops? Why not take in one of their movies at this modern theatre?

Although they feature the latest Hollywood releases, they also feature some Hollywood classics. The seats here are comfortable, and they offer 3-D experiences for some of the films. While visiting, enjoy the lounge and have some delicious food, beer, and wine.

17. Wheels Family Skating Center

Bring the family for roller-skating fun. They have special theme sessions, including disco skating, with a disco ball.

There’s also a cafe to enjoy a snack after skating. This center is a popular place for birthday parties. If you want a break from skating, there is an arcade room where you can enjoy some games.

A visit to Wheels Family Skating Center is one of the most fun things to do in Temple that will keep everyone in the family happy.

18. Lake Belton Marina

How about a nice, relaxing boat ride? Lake Belton is a beautiful lake, and the office here will rent you a boat for the afternoon so you and your family or friends can have a great day out on the water. Its website promises a great place to go fishing and catch some catfish or bass.

19. Sammons Community Center

This center was built for locals to enjoy community activities, but it’s also open to the public. You’ll find arts and crafts shows and fitness activities. The center offers weekly classes in painting, cooking, dance, and fitness instruction.

20. Downtown Malls

If you love to shop, you’ll find some great places to do it here in Temple. You’ll find what you’re looking for, from big box stores to small, unique shops.

Market Place Shopping Center

This mall offers 45 different stores. Its anchor store is the H.E.B. food market. A wide variety of merchandise is available here, including some great places to eat.

Temple Mall

This large mall is where all the locals go shopping and watch movies on the IMAX screen. Their “anchor” stores are Dillard’s and JCPenney.

You’ll find stores to cater to any of your shopping needs, a food court with many different types of food, and a martial arts studio. You can also go to the Xtreme Jump Adventure Park, where you can enjoy trampolines and other great activities.

Temple Town Center

This mall features 20 stores, including a Hobby Lobby and a Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can buy Christian-themed gifts at the Lifeway Store, get a tan at Sun Catchers Tanning Salon, or get discount merchandise at Five Below.

Plan a Trip to Temple

Temple is a great place to visit because its attractions offer something for everyone. This Texas town has plenty to explore, from parks and museums to trails and more.

Additionally, the people of Temple are warm and welcoming, making your stay even more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a fun family vacation or a weekend getaway, Temple is a great destination.

Start planning your trip to Temple today and save this list of things to do in Temple for when you’re there!

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