15 Best Things To Do In Montclair, NJ, This Weekend

Looking for things to do in Montclair, NJ, this weekend? You’ve come to the right place! Montclair is a vibrant and active community in New Jersey. It is home to many writers, media professionals, and artists.

Montclair offers a variety of activities, as well as places to visit. These activities are designed to make your time in Montclair enjoyable.

The town has many attractions, including a variety of boutiques, historic preserves, museums, educational centers, charming restaurants, and art galleries.

There are also dazzling theatres in Montclair. You should visit Montclair because it is a unique and interesting community with plenty to offer visitors.

Here are the top 15 Things To Do In Montclair:

Things To Do In Montclair

1. Alexander Kasser Theater

Credits: Camille Spaccavento

The Alexander Kasser Theater is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Montclair State University.

The theater has a Spanish mission-style design that is reminiscent of the historic buildings on campus. Visitors can access the lobby, which contains a gallery and a nice exhibition arena.

There is also a grand staircase in the lobby that flows into the 500-seat auditorium. The auditorium is the center of the theater and features an orchestra pit, a large stage, and world-class technical features.

This is the perfect spot for your next event, with superior acoustics, multiple suites, an on-site scenery/props construction shop, an electrician’s room, and a control room.

The theater also boasts a green room, a special recording studio, and an exceptional Harry Parch Institute. Be sure to add the place to your bucket list of things to do in Montclair, NJ.

2. Montclair Historical Society

Credits: Montclair History Center (Montclair Historical Society)

If you’d like to know more about the history of Montclair and its surrounding area, you should visit here.

Two former local citizens: Israel Crane and Nathaniel Crane, made their homes on this site.

Both men were patriots and fought in the militia.

The local community has recreated both homes, and you can learn about the life of the Crane family in the 1700s-1800s. The venue also has a space for educational lectures, attracting college students and local history buffs.

The third building on this property is the Clark library (which was the home of the Cranes’ neighbor, James Clark, in the late 1800s.)

3. Van Vleck House And Gardens

Credits: Van Vleck House & Gardens

One of the top things to do in Montclair, NJ, is to spend an afternoon at the Van Vleck House and Gardens.

The Van Vleck House and Gardens is a private estate that began over 142 years ago. The property was originally owned by Joseph Van Vleck Sr, a successful businessman. After relocating to Montclair in 1868, his dream of owning a personal garden estate came true.

The landscaped grounds and exceptional Italianate villa have remained unchanged for decades, making it a must-see destination for visitors.

The gardens are home to a variety of plants, including ericaceous plants that have matured over several generations.

Van Vleck especially favored plants that prefer acidic soil, like azaleas and rhododendrons. As his blooms have evolved over the years since he lived there, local botanical experts and garden lovers often come to study his garden for tips on preserving these plants.

The garden hosts various special events and occasions throughout the year – including fundraisers! It’s open to the public daily (dawn to dusk), so be sure to stop by and experience its beauty for yourself.

4. Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

Credits: Raffaele Marzullo

If you are looking for a place to worship while visiting Montclair, this church welcomes all Christian visitors. The church itself is built in the Italian Gothic style, and it is a marvel to look at.

The high altar is fashioned from marble, and the colorful stained glass windows are a true work of art.

The congregation also prides itself on community outreach, especially since they are close to the urban area of Newark, where many low-income families live and struggle for economic survival. The church is surrounded by a cobblestone fence with wrought iron railings.

A visit here is an excellent way to get a sense of the local history and community. Be sure to add it to your list of things to do in Montclair, NJ.

5. Parks Of Montclair

Montclair is home to a few different parks, all of which are wonderful places to spend an afternoon.

Alonzo Bonsal Wildife Preserve 

Credits: Christoph SR.

This park offers a large expanse of woodlands and wetlands, with miles of nature trails where local animals can be spotted. The large wetlands surrounding the Third River are a great place to explore.

This park is also a great spot for birdwatching. The trees in this park have recently been replanted due to a disruption in the tree line.

Branch Brook Park

Credits: Sunny Orchid

It’s hard to tell which is the bigger draw to this park: the trails through acres of cherry blossom trees or the large, tranquil lake with its spectacular fountain. Located in nearby Newark, this was the USA’s first county park.

The cherry blossom trees have achieved some local fame as one of the nation’s largest collections. The brook that named the park flows into the Passaic River.

Edgemont Memorial

Credits: DOMUS

Park Of all the area parks, this one has the largest playground. Kids from around the area enjoy playing on the swings and other structures here. One of the visitors’ favorite rides is a spider structure that has several slides coming from it.

The pond here features a few fountains. In the middle of the pond, a small island holds a monument honoring area soldier Charles Keck. Next to the obelisk that honors him, plaques honoring Korean war veterans from this area can also be viewed.

During the summer, concerts are held here, and the winter hosts ice skating and sledding.

6. The Prudential Center

Credits: Daniel Pučan

This enormous arena in nearby Newark hosts several local sports teams, concerts, and other performance events. This makes it one of the top things to do in Montclair, NJ.

The seats here are comfortable, and several types of snack and souvenir vendors are located throughout the stadium. It is easy to get to, located a few short blocks from the Newark Train Station.

Area fans have nicknamed it “The Rock” – after Prudential’s corporate logo depicting the Rock of Gibraltar.

7. Wellmont Theatre

Credits: Mike Goliber

Originally used for live theatre back in the 1920s, it was renovated and used as a triplex movie theatre.

One of its regular visitors back in its theatre days was then-area-resident Thomas Edison. It is currently used as a center for performing arts like dance and musical performances.

Upcoming performances include Rick Springfield, Almost Queen (a Queen cover band), Jimmy Kenny (a beach-themed group in the spirit of Jimmy Buffet), and a rapper named Lil Tjay.

8. Exit Strategy

This escape room venue is designed to keep you guessing right up until the last minute. As with most escape rooms, teams are locked in a room and given puzzles to solve in order to get clues.

The clues add up to the ultimate solution to escaping the room within the allotted hour. This month’s mystery scenario features a missing Senator and his secrets, which your group is tasked with finding out. This makes it one of the fun things to do in Montclair.

10. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Credits: Ryan Mazierski

The Thomas Edison National Historical Park is one of the best places to go in Montclair. Inventor Thomas Edison made his home in two different New Jersey locales and established a laboratory for his work in both places. (The other town is Menlo Park, in Middlesex County).

This stately home is of special interest to those who want to see some of his original photographs (which were kept operational for forty years), his first motion picture camera, sound recordings, and an alkaline battery invented by Edison.

The staff there are glad to discuss Edison’s legacy with visitors and will also encourage visiting young people to use their creative spirit.

11. Presby Memorial Iris Garden

Credits: Сергей Ковалинский

A field of irises is a stunning sight; if you’ve never seen one, make a point to visit here. The garden was named for local horticulturist Frank Presby.

You can walk through 6.5 acres of dark purple blooms here. You’ll feel as though you are swimming through a warm purple sky. The greenhouse on the grounds holds many different species of local plants.

You may also enjoy exploring the Walther House: a Victorian building next to the garden that serves as a gift shop.

12. Montclair Film Festival

One of the fun things to do in Montclair is to attend the Montclair Film Festival. This annual event, which started in 2012, occurs over a ten-day period in April/May.

This Festival is a five-day event in May each year. The festival showcases over 80 films from around the world, and it is an excellent opportunity to see some great films that may not be released in theaters near you.

In addition to the films, the festival also offers a number of educational programs and public events. These include free screenings of African American Heritage Month movies and the Kidz Shortz Filmmaking Competition, and the Free Summer Series Under the Stars.

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting film festival, the Montclair Film Festival is worth checking out.

13. Yogi Berra Stadium & Museum

Credits: nicholas yannaco

Local baseball teams, the Red Hawks and the New Jersey Jackals play in this stadium, and their fans come in droves for a great experience.

Former New York Yankee catcher and announcer Yogi Berra used his fame and influence to inspire the promotion of local sports here, and his unique legacy is celebrated here.

Kids who visit this park can enjoy the playground, arcade, and gift shop. You will find the Yogi Berra Museum on the outskirts of the stadium.

Anyone familiar with Yogi’s witticisms can guess the type of memories you will find in this display.

There are artifacts and pictures from Yogi’s life and historical exhibits about baseball. The museum sponsors a baseball summer camp and a sports business academy for those who want guidance in a sports-related career but are not cut out for the life of an athlete.

Visiting the Yogi Berra Stadium & Museum is one of the best things to do in Montclair, especially if you are a fan of baseball.

14. Montclair Art Museum

Credits: Raymond Ellis

If you are in the market for a new piece of art or want to browse, the Montclair Art Museum is worth adding to your list of things to do in Montclair, New Jersey.

The Montclair Art Museum is a must-visit destination if you’re into art. With a huge collection of art on display, including sculptures, drawings, prints, and paintings from the 18th century to the present day, there’s something for everyone at this museum.

From the outside, the museum looks a little bit like the White House. There are paintings and other artwork from American artists from the 1800s and artifacts of the area’s Native Americans.

In addition to the regular exhibits, the museum also features a private gallery with works by local artist George Inness, a Montclair-born sketcher and painter. His art was created from 1885-1894.

Plus, the Montclair Art Museum supports educational programs and formal training for birth amateurs and students at the Yard School of Art.

So if you want to learn more about art or appreciate it from a distance, the Montclair Art Museum is definitely worth checking out.

15. Kip’s Castle

Credits: Vladimir Panov

One of the fun things to do in Montclair explores Kip’s Castle. It’s a magnificent mansion originally built as a private estate. The castle covers an impressive 9,000 square feet and is located just a few minutes from Verona, NJ.

The home stands on eleven acres of ground. There is also a two-story carriage house. It also borders Montclair & Verona, making it the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for some stunning views.

When you visit Kip’s Castle, you can imagine you are stepping into a medieval castle. The home has 30 rooms, including six fireplaces and stunning high ceilings.

So if you’re looking for an incredible and unique place to stay, be sure to check out Kip’s Castle!

Dining In Montclair 

After your busy day in Montclair, stop by for a meal in one of these places:

Greek Taverna

Credits: Adam Corrigan

If you enjoy Greek food, you will love this family-owned restaurant. The walls are covered with vistas that allow you to feel you are in Greece, and the taste of their food will further convince you. Enjoy dishes like Kalamarakia Sharas or Lamb Glovetski. While you’re there, you should try the homemade Baklava


Styled as an upscale brassiere, you will enjoy their raw bar, fresh seafood plates, and a wide selection of local craft beers or wines.

Laboratorio Kitchen

Credits: Laboratorio Kitchen

You’re on vacation and deserve to treat yourself to a meal in an upscale restaurant. This luxury locale features head chef James De Sisto and his staff as they create upscale cuisine with fresh ingredients. Try their signature rainbow trout, and finish the meal with sweet berries and cream – topped by edible flowers.

Plan a Trip to Montclair

Montclair is a town in New Jersey that is home to many prospects. There are many things to do in Montclair, and it would be a shame if you missed out on this great opportunity for a vacation.

The town has something for everyone, from the arts and culture lover to the outdoor enthusiast. There are also plenty of activities for families with kids.

So, if you are looking for a place to vacation that has something for everyone, Montclair is the place for you.

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