20 Best and Fun Things to Do In Hermann, MO

Are you looking for the best things to do in Hermann, MO? Look no further because we’ve got you covered!

Hermann is a small community located in Missouri that is the county seat for Gasconade County. This town is home to an estimated 2,431 people and is well-known for its sausage-making.

Hermann hosts two popular festivals – Maifest (the third weekend in May) and Oktoberfest (the first four weekends in October).

Hermann is also home to many wineries, beautiful lodging, stunning tree houses, and delicious restaurants.

The city has many educational facilities and creative centers that can help you raise smart children. Overall, Hermann is a great place to visit and offers something for everyone!

Here are the 20 best and most fun things to do in Hermann, MO:

Things to do in Hermann Missouri

1. Oktoberfest

Even if you’ve celebrated Oktoberfest anywhere else, you should also come to Hermann to celebrate it the way they do.

The large German population in the town of Hermann does its best to ensure the festivities will echo the gusto of the traditional German celebration.

The town of Hermann enjoys this celebration so much that they stretch it over four weekends. Visitors will enjoy German music and folk dancing and sample all types of German foods as they enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of booths where you can also enjoy alcoholic beverages such as German beer.

2. Wineries

One of the best things to do in Hermann is to visit one of the many wineries.

The Hermann area is home to picturesque vineyards and is a destination for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts to explore and taste the many types of wines produced in the region.

Here are some of the best wineries to visit in Hermann:

Endless Summer Winery

This winery’s relaxing and beautiful scenery makes it a wonderful place to visit. The vintners at the winery specialize in making fruit-flavored and nut-flavored wines, such as Pecan Wine. Enjoy a glass of wine after you tour the grounds, or buy a bottle to bring home.

Hermanhof Winery

This historic winery features ten stone wine cellars and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The interior of the place will evoke the feeling of a German farmhouse. Their wines have twice won the prestigious Brown Forman trophy.

Adam Puchta Winery

This family-run winery makes wonderful wine from a recipe based on the family tradition. While visitors sample the wine, each vintage is served with a snack that pairs with that wine (so the taster will know how the wine can best be enjoyed.) From this winery’s porch, you can enjoy spectacular views of Frene Creek.

Oak Glen Vineyard and Winery

The scenery at this winery will thrill you; it is situated on the top of the bluffs overlooking the town, and you can gaze languidly down at the river as you sample the wines. Local musicians will entertain you with live music a few evenings a week.

Martin Brothers Winery

This is one of the newer wineries in Hermann. It is located on a family farm, and they specialize in the preparation of six different award-winning meads. (Mead is one of the most ancient alcoholic beverages ever made.)

Stone Hill Winery

Here is the longest-running of the Hermann wineries. They began making wine here in 1847. Visitors can explore the stone wine cellars. Their award-winning wines have won the Missouri Governor’s Cup. When visiting the winery, you can also visit their German restaurant.

3. Hermann City Park

If you are a camper or have an RV, this is the place for you to stay. There are 50 hookups available for RVs.

This is a 445-foot park with a vast green meadow. It has a playground and hiking trails in its picturesque setting. While you stay and visit here, you can swim in the pool or play volleyball in the athletic area.

Visiting the park is one of the best things to do in Hermann, especially if you are looking for a place to stay during your visit.

4. Maifest Festival

During the spring, a German festival echoes the Fall’s famous Oktoberfest festival. The Maifest features similar German music and food.

There are beer gardens on every corner and supervised children’s games and activities to entertain the kids.

One of the festival’s most popular and colorful activities is the Maypole: when children dress in German clothing and dance around the flower-decked Maypole in the center of town.

Watch as the children unwind the colorful ribbons from the pole. This makes it one of the fun things to do in Hermann.

5. Hermann Museum

Visit the Hermann Museum to learn about the area’s rich heritage is one of the best things to do in Hermann.

Those visitors who are interested in learning about Hermann’s history will find exhibits and artifacts here that will tell the story of the settlers of this area and their culture.

It is especially significant since it was built in 1871 as a schoolhouse and was used as a school until the 1900s.

When you visit, you’ll see vintage dolls, furniture, kitchen utensils, photographs, and other antiques. The town clock on top of the building’s tower has been working since 1890.

You can take a self-guided tour through the museum and enjoy learning about the area.

6. The Hermann Farm

Visit the Hermann Farm and enjoy farm activities, or buying some of the fruit they grow is one of the best things to do in Hermann.

This farm has been operating since the 1850s, and visitors can get a glimpse into how a farm operates.

There is also a display of historical photographs and exhibits of the lives of German settlers in the area. You can see renovated versions of historical buildings such as a tinsmith’s shop, trading post, and a wood cutter’s area.

You can also enjoy visiting the friendly white mules on the farm. Kids can ride a tram around the farm to tour the grounds.

7. Deutschheim State Historical Site

This historic site will feature a group of buildings made in 1840-1890 by the town’s first German settlers. You can look at vintage tools and farm machinery and visit two German homes, a barn, and a winery.

8. Hermann’s Attic Antique Mall

Shoppers looking for antiques will have a great time looking through the shelves here. You can find a section of the mall set aside for quality furniture, as well as other antique finds of many kinds.

9. Eco-Adventures Zipline

Thrill-seekers will want to seek out this destination. It is the longest zipline in the entire state of Missouri. The whole family can enjoy this ride, as children can safely be accommodated.

Their name comes from their precautions to ensure the ride is energy-efficient. Two guides for every group’s ride are provided, and they stay with you to ensure your safety.

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity, this is one of the best things to do in Hermann, MO.

10. Candy Stores

Sugar Momma’s Want a sweet treat after your busy day in Hermann? Visit Sugar Momma’s, where you can sample all types of candies and homemade pies.

One of the counters displays every flavor of the famous Jelly Bellies, and there are 25 flavors of saltwater taffy and Amish candies. They will make arrangements for weddings and parties if you order ahead.

Ricky’s Chocolate Box

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! You’ll find many types of chocolates here, which are handmade by the store’s owner. You could also find toffees, brittles, taffy, marshmallows, hard candies, and gummies.

11. Wurstfest

One of the aspects of German culture enjoyed by many is the sausages. At Wurstfest, you’ll be able to eat your fill and sample all types of sausages on buns with authentic German sauerkraut; made by local vendors.

If you really enjoy the bratwurst, there is an eating contest you can enter. Just as you can at the other German festivals in this town, you can also enjoy dancing to German music.

On the night before this festival, some fans celebrate early at one of the area restaurants with the Braunschweiger Ball.

12. The Topiaries

This store is unique because it is dedicated to supplies for gardeners and for those who want to explore the outdoors.

One of the owners, Dean Stuckey, is an expert photographer. If you make an appointment, Dean will take you on a photography tour around Hermann so you can get some very special photos.

The store has artwork and nature photography displayed in the store; to inspire your outdoor adventures.

13. Loutre Shore Country Club

Golfers should definitely visit this 9-hole course and enjoy the beautiful grounds and challenging course.

The course is designed so both professional and novice golfers will be able to enjoy playing a round of golf.

The pro shop will provide professional balls and clubs, and you can enjoy a meal and some delicious wine at the eateries here.

14. Hermann Wine Tour Trolley

If you need help deciding which of Hermann’s wineries to visit, hop on the trolley, and you’ll be taken to many of them during the ride.

The trolley will pick you up at your bed and breakfast and let you visit as many of the wineries as you like. When the day is done, they will return you to your lodgings.

15. Brewing And Distilling

Copper Mule Distillery

You will want to visit here if you enjoy the taste of good bourbon whiskey. It was opened in 1893 by German distillers Jeanne and Don Gosen.

Before opening the distillery, the family worked in the copper mines of the Kallmeyer family and used mules to haul their ores to market.

They came to respect the work of the mules so much; they chose to name the distillery after those mules.

Tin Mill Brewing

The staff of this brewery is dedicated to making authentic German-style beer. They faithfully follow the process outlined in the German Purity Law of 1516 in making the beer. They even import their barley from Germany; to ensure the taste will remain true to tradition.

If you are a beer lover, you’ll also want to add the place to your bucket list of things to do in Hermann, MO.

16. Hermann Caboose Museum

You’ll find this museum easily when you see the bright red caboose. Believe it or not, the museum is housed inside the caboose. It is a micro-museum, but well worth visiting.

You can learn how the railway made an impact on the history of Hermann. Part of the museum is dedicated to the Great Railroad Bridge Collapse of 1855.

The caboose is in the midst of the downtown area, and you can enjoy some of the other stops on this list once you visit here.

17. Ace of Spades Garden Gallery

If you believe a garden should be a magical place, you will find special things to put that magical element within your flowers.

You’ll find ornate copper-wire garden fairies, which are crafted to look like various flowers or leaves. You can also find an exhibition of the gallery owner’s paintings. This gallery is truly an amazing place any garden lover can enjoy.

Be sure to add the Ace of Spades Garden Gallery to your bucket list of things to do in Hermann.

18. Massage For Your Health

If you’d like to pamper yourself and get rid of your stress, the masseuses here are trained to perform all types of massage techniques.

You can get a hot stone, Swedish, or special massage for pregnant clients. You can also request body wraps or aromatherapy. One of their specialties is called Float Therapy.

You will enter a tub that is 20 inches deep and filled with warm water (98.5 degrees) and Epsom salts. It is very relaxing and will let your stress float away. If you like, they will turn on the jets in the float tub and experience an experience similar to a Jacuzzi.

19. The Missouri River

The town of Hermann is defined first by its German heritage and enlivened by its many wineries.

But, before the Germans arrived and began making wine, the Missouri River carved out the spectacular scenery of this area.

This tranquil river offers many activities for visitors. You can engage a fishing charter or stand on its banks and catch bass, catfish, and crappies.

A visit to the Missouri River is one of the top things to do in Hermann, MO if you love the outdoors.

20. Shopping In Downtown Hermann

Vine Boutique

A lovely boutique featuring clothing, boots, and handbags. If you really like this place, there are some beautiful suites you can reserve to stay overnight.

Seasonal Treasures and Gifts

Pick up a gift for just about anyone while you shop for bargains in this store. The displays change each season in order to offer current gifts to shoppers.

Back Home Again

These gifts will represent the German culture of this town. There is a collection of German beer steins, Mennonite-made jellies, salsa, hot sauce, and pickles. They also sell homemade socks.

Timeless Memories

This quaint, family-owned artisan shop offers local artists’ paintings, crafts, jewelry, baskets, jellies, and teas. The gallery also offers painting lessons to inspire the next generation of artists.

After all your activities, you can enjoy some delicious dining:

  • 4th Street Pizza: You can enjoy a casual atmosphere where they serve hand-tossed pizza cooked in a brick oven. The owners of this place are originally from New York and want to make and enjoy New York-style pizza. They also serve sandwiches and pasta, which you can enjoy with local beer or wine.
  • El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant: Enjoy some great Mexican food with complimentary salsa and chips.
  • Piano Bar: The title tells you what to expect here: good piano playing while you enjoy a nice glass of wine or beer; and
  • Back Shack Kitchen: You can enjoy some great fried chicken in this casual setting, or try their wings, biscuits, and loaded potatoes or try the breakfast pizza.


Hermann is a historic small town located in Missouri that is well-known for its wineries and festivals.

The city offers many things to do and learn, including its beautiful historic buildings, outdoor activities, and famous boutiques.

The town is also home to many wineries, which offer wine tastings and tours. Overall, the town is a great place to visit for those who want to experience German culture and wine country.

Some of the most popular attractions include the Hermann Trolley, which offers a delicious palace and Sugar Momma’s tasty cake, as well as the public libraries and museums that are perfect for research. This is a great spot to spend a weekend or a long vacation.

If you are looking for a great place to relax this weekend, save this list of things to do in Hermann, Missouri, and start planning your trip to this charming town! You won’t regret it.

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