Morocco Holidays Made More Unforgettable

Morocco is perhaps one of the most fascinating places on earth. It is like a great cocktail, with a little of everything tossed in, but blended to perfection. It is located in Africa and is very close to Europe, but obviously it has a very strong Islamic culture.

With its fertile lands, abundance of natural wonders, and amazing biodiversity, it is a promising place. With its rich culture that one can see even on the streets, Morocco holidays are sure to be filled with so much fun and excitement. 

Here are some of the things you should do on your holidays to Morocco.

Go leather-loco in Fes.

If you absolutely love anything leather, you’d have a field day in Fes. This is very famous for its tanneries, and naturally, its leather goods. Morning is the best time to visit the tanneries as then, the dyes look really great and bright. The best selection of leather products from gloves to sandals to purses, can be found here.

Explore the mosque.

Because of its strong Islamic influence, it can only be expected that there is a mosque somewhere in Morocco. The Hassan II is a glorious mosque that is considered to be a famous landmark. It is a city emblem and perhaps the best structure in Casablanca. Built between 1986 to 1993, it still stands proudly after all these years. It is among the largest religious monument in the globe, second only to Mecca.

Visit the Sultan’s Palace

Holidays in Morocco are well spent when you have the chance to visit some of the famous tourist’s spots in the area. The Badji Palace was built by Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour. It used to be a grand residence, with gold encrusted ceilings, lavish sunken gardens, and a central pool. Now, it only stands as a ruin, but its history is too rich to be neglected. The structure dates back to the late 1570’s. 


Morocco holidays will never be complete without some shopping. Morocco is known all over the world for its variety of goods. The Centre Artisanal is known for its very beautiful handicrafts. Here you can find colourful kaftans, intricately made carpets, and jewellery. This is the best place to shop for trinkets and souvenirs you can give to friends back home. Musical instruments are also all over the streets of Morocco, mostly made of wood and copper.

The Fez Medina is another place you should include in your holidays to Morocco. Morocco is very famous for its copper and wood work. The vendors often offer beautiful trinkets and superbly crafted copper goods and wooden boxes at a very bargain price. Moroccan spices and ingredients like olive can be found at the Medina as well. Every market has a spice shop, so the oriental smell is very prevalent in the air. 

Fragrant oils and incense are also very popular here in Morocco. The L’Orientaliste is a highly recommended perfume and glassware shop. Fragrances of sandalwood, tea rose, gardenia, jasmine, and patchouli can be found in this place. Their scents are very potent and intense. For a cheap price, you’d be getting high quality products.

Ride a camel.

Holidays to Morocco are more convincing if you take a chance to ride one of the camels. Camel tours are usually arranged. They’d pick you up right from your hotel and get you on a minibus and take you to the Ranch Club d’ Equitation. There, you’d be given time to get to know the camel to ready you for the ride. The journey is unlike any other. Imagine travelling along the stretch of golden sand in the middle of the dessert. The journey ends in the Souss Estuary, a sanctuary of birds.

Ride a hot air balloon.

Well, this is something you can do in other places as well. But then, it’s a fun activity to make Morocco holidays a lot more fun. 

Visit the Gardens.

The Jardin Majorelle is a very tranquil place to visit, especially if you love plants. This is a very serene garden. It was owned and maintained by Yves Saint Laurent, the famous designer, and was designed in the 1920’s by Jacques Majorelle.

The dominance of the blue colour makes this a very popular landmark all throughout Morocco. There are other gardens that you can include in your Morocco holidays. There’s the Roman Ruins Garden at Volubilis, Saffron Gardens in the Ourika Valley, Oasis Gardens at the Palmerie in Marrakech, and Moorish and Art Deco Gardens at Majorelle in Marrakech.

Visit the Atlas Mountains.

The tour usually takes more than 20 days but it is quite common among travellers who are looking for more adventure for their holidays to Morocco. Its highest peak is Toubkal and is such a heavenly place where the view is simply breathtaking. The panorama is incomparable, so it is no surprise that visitors from all over the globe would love to be here.

Have a food fest.

Morocco is known all over the world as a food district. It’s very rich culture is reflected in its food. The dishes are a complex mix of Middle Eastern, African, and Mediterranean flavours. The perfect balance of sweet and savoury, Morocco holidays will not be complete without some taste of Moroccan cuisine.

Tajine are dishes cooked in terracotta pots. There’s the very famous tajine chicken and the lamb tajine. Both are served with bread and eaten the good old Moroccan way—using the bread instead of a spoon.

A very delectable soup that is famous in Morocco is the harira. Served with hardboiled eggs and bread, this has a tomato base, made flavourful with a mixture of herbs, and given texture by lentils and chickpeas.

A very unique dish is the Bastilla. This is a fusion of sweet elements and savoury elements. It  is a flaky pastry that has a sweet and rich almond filling, and some meat. This is usually served on special occasions and is very filling, truly a different kind of culinary treat.

Morocco holidays are known to be among the most colourful holidays in the world. Have a vacation you’d never forget here in Morocco. 

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