Maldives Luxury Resorts: Kurumba Maldives Resort

Maldives luxury resorts are unlike any other in the world. One of them is the Kurumba Maldives Resort. This enchanted property showcases the beauty of the beach in the best way possible. Superior and deluxe rooms await the guests and will ensure that they have a very comfortable and luxurious stay. As one of the first Maldives resorts ever to be established, it is a leader in providing the best accommodations for all the guests who come to visit. Located in the tropical island in the North Male Atoll, this is a hidden haven where you can spend your dream holiday. 

Kurumba Maldives Resort is among the Maldives resorts that could be the ideal venue for the vacation of your dreams. Nestled beautifully in dense tropical greenery, Maldives luxury resorts—Karamba Maldives Resort is a haven that is all about the beach and the sun. There is no other place in the world quite like it and is the ideal haven to spend a romantic getaway. Situated 10 minutes away from the capital and the airport via a speedboat, it is both accessible and secluded, making it a hit among tourists. Its beauty is beyond words—something that you should see at least once.


With eight different kinds of accommodations, the Kurumba Maldives Resort has proven time and again that it is indeed among the best Maldives luxury resorts. Imagine living in a place by the beach, with plenty of greenery and colourful flowers. It does not get any better than that. All the living spaces are island inspired and stay true to the traditional Maldivian design. Internet connection is available, as well as the latest entertainment set. 

The Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow is a dream home away from home. The interior is very Zen, with plenty of woods and island colours incorporated in the design. The open air structure is very beach-y and is conducive to relaxation. The bed is spacious, with native craft details. The terrace looks out on the beach and is a nice spot to relax after a long day. The bath is spacious and very modern, with a giant tub and contemporary bathroom fixtures. 

The Royal Kurumba Residence is the finest accommodation one can ever find in Maldives luxury resorts. Extravagant living space, with its own pool is what this is all about. There are two bedrooms, with comfortable King-sized bed.

Maldives resorts are known for their impressive living spaces and the Royal Kurumba Residence is the perfect example of that. Honeymooners will definitely want this as their love nest. It is grand and homey at the same time. The views of the beach are showcased here and add to the relaxing vibe. Everywhere you look, you are graced with the beauty of the lush greenery and bright turquoise waters.

Leisure and Entertainment

The great thing about Maldives luxury resorts is the amount of fun you’d be able to experience. At the resort, there are live entertainment shows every day. There is a movie night at the beach, some live jazz held at sunset, and a number of mini concerts that are prepared for the guests. The Kurumba Maldives Resort is also famous for its Marine Biology Presentation, a lecture that allows guests to get to know about the rich marine life of the Maldivian waters.

In terms of recreation, this is among the most packed Maldives resorts as it has so much to offer its patrons. There are two children’s pool, a tennis court, ping pong facilities, yoga facilities, and volleyball areas. There are also board games for those who would love a more laidback activity. A library is also available for those who’d like to do some reading. Activities for the children are prepared by the management so even the little ones can have a great time while on vacation. 

Lovers of water sports will definitely love it here at the Kurumba Maldives Resort. Aside from swimming at the beach and pools, guests can also engage in exciting water activities such as wind surfing, parasailing, snorkelling, jet ski, and so much more.

For those who’d like a unique Maldives experience, they can take the 45-minute ride to the isolated part of the beach for some Castaway Picnic. This is highly recommended for those who’d like something out of the ordinary. It is a great activity for those who are in a honeymoon as well. Among the Maldives luxury resorts, the Kurumba Maldives Resort is a cut above the rest in terms of the excitement factor. 


Luxury Maldives resorts are all about grand and fine things, including the food. As one of the Maldives luxury resorts, the Kurumba Maldives Resort pampers guests with gusto by serving yummy gourmet meals and maintaining a warm and welcoming dining environment.

There are so many restaurants to choose from at the resort, all of them wonderful and have their own following. The Kurumba Cafe is a popular dining place as it is located near the main pool. The island inspired ambience is great for all day dining. They serve pizzas, burgers, and plenty of main dishes as well. Their fish and chips, mango cheesecake, and Thai green curry are among the hits.

Those who are craving for Chinese food will definitely enjoy the Ming Court. The place is very Oriental and is known for hearty Chinese style dishes. Their fried scallops and braised pork spare ribs are worth trying. 

Like most Maldives luxury resorts, emphasis is placed on bringing the most to the guests. The resort also has an Italian restaurant, a Middle Eastern restaurant, as well as an Indian restaurant. No matter what your favourite food is, chances are you’d find it here. 

The Kurumba Maldives resort truly lives up to the standards of Maldives luxury resorts. Classy accommodations combined with world class hospitality are what this resort promises its guests. This is a place unlike no other and is a great resort to spend your Maldives holidays. Here, you can be one with the elements and enjoy nature at its fullest.

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