Holidays to Ibiza for Shopaholics

Ibiza is world famous for being a popular destination among celebrities. It is a vibrant place, with so many beautiful beaches, a relaxing warm weather, and so many wonderful tourist attractions. It is the ideal getaway among travelers who want to escape the stressful city life.

Holidays to Ibiza can be spent in so many ways. The great thing about being here is that you can do a lot of things—swim, eat, party, and spend some money shopping. If you are interested in raiding shops on your Ibiza holidays, then here are some amazing places to check. 


Vintages are making a huge come back nowadays. Anything that seems to be aged and has history is now considered to be something worthwhile. For great vintage finds, guests are suggested to visit Holala! Specializing in clothing that is reminiscent of the 50’s, this is one store you should include on your must visit places on your holidays to Ibiza. Racks and racks of clothing for both men and women can be found here at a reasonable price.

Sensual Concept

Lingerie and erotic toys have their own specific market. Besides, Ibiza is a very sexy destination. Flattering underwear and sensual intimate wear can be found here. Adult toys to spice up the honeymoon are also available.

La Cueva de Miro

Antique jewelry and accessories made from colorful materials are all the rage in Ibiza. La Cueva de Miro is known for its collection of beach inspired jewelry and trinkets that would go well with your swimwear. Located at Dalt Vila, this is a place to find great gifts to friends and family.

Country Market

Buying local items and fresh produce is one of the things to do while in Ibiza. The best place to visit to do that is the Country Market. Flowers in full bloom, fragrant fruits, and fresh vegetables can all be found at the market. 

El Parral

Beautiful sandals for both men and women are being offered at the El Parral. Since you’d be spending your holidays in Ibiza walking and touring anyway, it is only advised that you invest in footwear that are of high quality and are comfortable.

Antik Batik

Batik items are definitely popular in the islands as they are unique, comfortable, and very “beachy”. The unique batik pattern is simply irresistible and makes a great souvenir. Find batik shirts, shorts, and sarongs. Your friends will love them.


For interesting beachwear and native handbags, Zona is the place to visit. This shop offers native totes, baskets, and lots of beautifully crafted trinkets and accessories. There are plenty of children wear and lots of island inspired jewelry.

Can Toni Sendic

Plates, mugs, vases, and pots are available at the Can Toni Sendic. Potteries make really nice home accents and gifts. Be sure to include this on your places to visit.

Holidays to Ibiza can be made even more exciting by finding great bargains and exploring some of the island’s most raved about shops. Happy shopping!

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