Hayman Island: The Most Luxurious Island Getaway

Hayman Island is a heavenly place in Australia and is a favorite among those who would want to spend some time in a place that is so beautiful and serene.

If you want to bask in luxury while getting a bit of sun and paddling in the blue waters, then Hayman Island is the destination that should be on top of your list.

Stroll the painter’s dream ocean scenery in Whitsundays or spend the day aboard a luxury yacht while the wind gently blows your hair. This is a blissful paradise that you definitely should not miss.

Explore & Stay at Hayman Island

Hayman Island holidays will soothe your senses and help you unwind to the fullest. This is among the best places to spend your honeymoon or have the family vacation you have always wanted to have.

This is an island so intimate, which is perfect if you are longing for that peace and quiet and a more laidback kind of lifestyle even for a while.

Despite that, this is a very accessible place and can be reached easily from key Australian cities like Brisbane and Sydney. No matter what kind of traveler you may be, you will certainly rave about this island when you get home.

Hayman—Great Barrier Reef is a highly exclusive place and is considered to be among the most beautiful places in the world.

Home to some of the planet’s most fascinating coral species, this is truly a wonder of nature. The marine life in this part of Australia is highly diverse and very rich. Some of the rarest water creatures are there, enjoying a kind environment that is more than perfection.

Hayman Island Resort

When it comes to accommodations, the Hayman Resort is known to deliver only the most luxurious living spaces for its guests.

Hayman has 210 very elegant living spaces to make your stay on Hayman Island even more spectacular. The Pool Suites boast a breathtaking view of the seawater. The tranquil blueness is very relaxing and conducive to a pleasant stay.

The bathrooms are elegant, with a spacious tub where guests can soak while admiring the view. The open design allows the beautiful surroundings to be seen from the inside.

For more privacy, villas are highly recommended. The beachfront location is simply gorgeous, a truly blissful place where guests can just relax and enjoy the comforts of this luxurious resort.

Guests can sit on one of the lounge chairs while admiring the jewel blueness of the beach. The long stretch of powdery white sand will make you want to extend your stay as much as you can. The open design observed in the villas makes the entire area look like a beach haven.

The bedroom features an extra-large bed so your sleep time will feel more comfortable. Elegant furnishings and plenty of wooden accents can be seen in both the bedroom and the living room. Cushy chairs allow guests to lounge while reading a great novel or having a cup of tea.

Inside the very luxurious bathroom is a nice marble tub where guests can have a fragrant herbal bath. The private pool allows everyone to have fun in the water no matter what time of day. With a very impressive balcony, guests will be able to bond together while admiring the fascinating scenery of Hayman Island. All the modern amenities are inside.

There are iPod docking stations, wide-screen TV, and even a reliable internet connection. Coffee and tea-making facilities and luxurious toiletries are also provided so visitors can have a worry-free vacation.

Known for their great deals and packages, having your dream Australian dream vacation is a cinch. They have lots of amazing packages to choose from like the Hayman Escape for three nights, the Family Escape, and even the ever-famous Romantic Escape, for couples who would love to spend an intimate vacation together. Hayman thinks about every little detail, making sure that your stay will be perfect.

Food lovers will definitely have a gastronomic moment on Hayman Island. Whether you’d love to dine in private or try one of the cool hotel restaurants, you’d definitely love dining in this resort. For some of the best grills and a soothing outdoor dining experience, guests can head to Azure.

Fontaine offers very yummy Australian delights such as smoked salmon, Kingfish, and wild harvest scallops. For dessert, there’s always the very addicting cheesecake and the very interesting lolly plate—-which consists of seven lollies that are flavored differently.

Asian food lovers should definitely try the Oriental. They serve some of the best Asian dishes like Japanese, Indian, and Chinese favorites.

The very Zen ambiance is very Orient and relaxing too. La Trattoria will be highly favored by those who love pizzas and other authentic Italian dishes. The rustic yet very elegant ambiance will make your meal even more unforgettable. It is a great place to dine with friends and is one of the best restaurants on Hayman Island. 

A vacation at the beach will never be complete without some pampering. The Spa is the place to visit if you want to indulge in one of the famous spa treatments. Signature spa rituals such as the ocean massage and facials will totally make one feel more relaxed while on vacation.

Things to Do on Hayman Island

At Hayman Island, guests can do so many things and engage in a number of activities to make their stay even more rewarding.

First, they can explore the Great Barrier Reef and discover the hidden world under the ocean. They can also try fishing and have the biggest catch of their life while here. Leisurely picnics are also quite popular at the resort. Guests can eat while admiring the beauty of the surroundings.

Guests can also ride a speedboat and explore the sea, take a cruise, and jet ski. Tube rides are also very popular for the young set as it they offer really adventurous rides, the Hayman Island style. No matter what you decide to do while here, you’ll definitely have so much fun.

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