Amsterdam Travel Guide: The Best Things to Do and See in the Dutch Capital

With over one million residents, Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and is the seat of all important commercial, financial, and cultural happenings. It is also the country’s capital and has more than 1,500 bridges.

A complex mix of the classic and the modern, Amsterdam is known for its amazing landmarks. Art lovers will be filled with utter bliss at the sight of the Van Gogh Museum which showcases the masterpieces of the famous painter.

The temperate climate of the city makes it one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. When the tulips are in full bloom is the best time to visit Amsterdam—the month of May. 


What began as a small fishing village in the latter part of the 12th century has made itself one of the most important trading sites in the 17th century Golden Age.

Because of the cultural significance of its landmarks, it was made a World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2010. The liberal policies existing in the city make it an alluring city for a number of tourists.

The liberated way of life prevailing in Amsterdam, like its tolerance for the use of Cannabis, is one of the things that made it world-famous. Because of this, Amsterdam might not be the first choice for family vacations, particularly if there are young kids in the group. 

Getting In and Around

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the gateway in and out of Amsterdam. KLM, Netherland’s flagship airline, handles flights between Amsterdam and other parts of the world. Like most European cities, one can also get to Amsterdam by taking a train ride.

The Amsterdam Centraal Station is of importance for those who will travel by railway. Going around the city is done by riding the tram, bus, or bicycle. 


The museums are among the best attractions in Amsterdam. The city’s colorful past can be learned by visiting some of them. Amsterdams Historisch Museum and Joods Historisch Museum are highly recommended. Guests can also visit Bloementmarkt for some tulips.

Of course, a trip to Amsterdam will not be complete without seeing some of its windmills. De Gooyer is the most popular windmill and is a great place to relax over a couple of bottles of beer. There’s a brewery nearby, making it a hit among folks who love to drink.

While sightseeing, it is a great idea to visit one of the city’s most beautiful canals—the Prinsengracht. Amsterdam is among the best cities to ride a bike. Its landscapes are beautiful and worth exploring kilometer by kilometer.

There are really good biking tours that allow the tourists to get to know the city better. After a long and exhilarating bike ride, it’s time for a hearty meal.

Guests can have a relaxing picnic at Vondelpark. For the adventurous and the bold, they can head to the Red Light District—a place that made the city world-famous.


As one of Europe’s top vacation spots, there are various travel packages offered by some of the hotels in Amsterdam. Among the most notable Amsterdam hotels are the City Hotel Amsterdam, Hotel Van Onna, and American Hotel.

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