7 Amazing Mexico Holidays That You’ll Love

Mexico holidays are very popular among travellers who would love an exciting destination with plenty of sights to offer, has lots of great food, and has really good beaches.

The temperate climate makes it a favourite among beach lovers and allows various plant species to grow in this part of the world. If you are interested in holidays to Mexico, here are some places that you can consider as your vacation venue.


Cancun is probably one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world and is one of the most spectacular places in the Caribbean.

There are so many things tourists can do in this place. First, they can ride a ship and take a cruise. They can also hop on a speedboat for some daring tour.

The seat of Mayan Empire, the Chichen Itza is a very important landmark and a testament to a unique architecture. This is a nice place to spend the day outdoors.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is definitely a must see. For the adventurous types, they can head to Tulum to experience the zipline, visit the caves, and a have a daytrip filled with plenty of sightseeing. 

Holidays in Mexico that are spent in Cancun, will never be boring.

Beautifully unspoilt white sand beaches will definitely take your breath away. Isla Blanca is one of the most superb locations in the world.

Various shades of blue, coupled by the whiteness of the sand combine to create an unbelievable scenery.

The weather is always perfect for a day at the beach. Guests can swim and relax with enough privacy. 

Cabo San Lucas

Mexico holidays often involve this charming place called Cabo San Lucas.

This is a heavenly beach, with the most relaxing shade of blue, made more interesting by rock formations in the middle of the water.

It is a picture-perfect place, with golden sand that stretches up to infinity, at least it seems to. It is a very secluded beach and is a nice setting for an unforgettable day in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

One resort city that should be included in your holidays to Mexico is Puerto Vallarta.

This has the best-secluded beaches in the world and is a popular honeymoon destination. Guests can do so many things here.

They can visit the dolphins, have a diving expedition, eat great food, and ride the zip line. Known for its very intimate setting, this is a nice place to relax, have a night party, and shop.

Mexico City

Mexico City should definitely be included in the best venues for holidays in Mexico.

This has a charming old city vibe to it and is a home to Mexico’s most interesting attractions.

The Alameda Central is the largest and is still the most popular attraction here in Ciudad de Mexico.

This is a great place to have a lazy stroll and simply admire the many fascinating structures they have. There are shaded benches and different kinds of snacks offered at the park. 

Another interesting attraction is the La Feria de Chapultepec, which is a kid’s theme park. The first rollercoaster in Mexico is housed here, along with other attractions.

The Angel de la Independencia is a symbol of victory and remains to be among the most important city landmarks.

Built between 1902 and 1910, it has been a venue for many city events and is still a favourite among tourists. 


When it comes to holidays in Mexico, Acapulco is among the most famous venues.

This is a resort town, where everyone can enjoy the sun and the bright blue waters of the beach.

Here, guests can swim, partake in adventurous water sports, and get the most gorgeous tan they can possibly have. The sun is bright all day, making the weather very much suitable for the beach. 

The kids will definitely have a great time too in Acapulco. There’s a Dolphinarium, where the whole family can watch the dolphins at play.

There’s also a Skycoaster, which offers and incredible ride. All these can be found at the CICI, which is a famous water park here in Acapulco.

What to do in Mexico?

Mexico is a very interesting country to explore as it has so many sights to see.

Backed up with a rich culture and history, it is a one of a kind place, where the people are as warm as the Mexican weather. Guests can hike, visit old chapels, and explore the beach on their Mexico holidays.

Perhaps the most incredible experience people can have in Mexico is the food. Mexican cuisine is a class of its own and is a symbol of gastronomic delights.

Chilli, tomato, corn, and meat are staples of Mexican food. While spending your holidays on Mexico, you will never get hungry as the food selection is great and has a very good variety.

Burritos, tacos, quesadilla, and churros, are only the tip of the iceberg.

La Tramoya is famous for its laidback ambience and hearty Mexican food, while Fonda Margarita is famous for its salsa verde. Mexican comfort food is all the rage here. 

Shopping and  Accommodations

Like in most destinations, Mexico is also a haven for shoppers. There are fashionable shopping centres, bazaars, and outdoor markets that will truly tickle your fancy.

Polanco, for example has all the best brands like Dior, Gucci, and Armani.

It is considered to be among the most fashionable places in the world. When looking for a place to stay for holidays in Mexico. You have plenty of choices.

This is a tourist destination, so naturally, the place has to keep up with the demand and flow of the tourists. There are travel inns, B & B’s, hotels, and resorts that you can check. 

Travelling to Mexico should be a great deal of fun. It is a country with so much promise.

This is a great hideaway if you want a place with a fusion culture, is very amicable, and has plenty of sights to offer. Mexico holidays are known to be among the most exciting holidays.

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