6 Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most fascinating places in the Middle East. Separated by a creek into two, there’s the Deira on the northern part and Jumeirah located on the southern part.

Both parts of Dubai are frequented by tourists all year round. It is an interesting city, with modern shopping malls, luxury hotels, and beautiful mosques.

Dubai enjoys very warm weather all year round, making the beach a welcome treat. Holidays to Dubai are pretty exciting. Here are some Dubai attractions. 

Burj Al Arab

What’s cooler than a hotel situated on an artificial island?  This five-star hotel is that grand and is among the most notable attractions in the city.

The unique shape of the building is simply stunning, making it one of the most photographed places in the world. Burj Al Arab is all about luxury and premium comforts.

The billowing sail design can be seen standing proudly across the skyline.  The Club Suite is an example of modern Middle Eastern grandeur.

Rich colors of gold, white, and blue dominate the décor, making it a very soothing place to relax. 

Grand Mosque

Located in Bur Dubai, this is another city attraction that should always be included in holidays to Dubai. Its glorious architecture is respected all over the globe and is among the most notable structures in the area.

With dome-shaped roofs and magnificent stained glass that provides color all throughout the interior, this is a very nice place to visit. 

Dubai Museum

Bits and pieces that concern the rich history of Dubai can be found here.  This houses some of the most important artifacts and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. 

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Holidays in Dubai should also include some attractions for the children. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is a great place to visit. With 30 rides, every member of the family will definitely have a wonderful time. 


Dining in Dubai is another thing everyone looks forward to on their Holidays in Dubai. There are plenty of places where one can have a great meal.

There are luxurious hotels, gourmet restaurants, and plenty of takeaways as well. From the Indian-inspired curry, falafel, and some mouth-watering wraps, your palate will definitely be enticed.

For those who are on a budget, the best place to get really great meals is at the market. Food booths serve all the many dishes that Dubai is famous for. 

Like most cities in the world, Dubai has its own Chinatown. A great variety of restaurants are here—from high-end restaurants to streetside eateries.

Seafood lovers should definitely visit the Caviar House, while Asian food lovers will certainly love the Bulacan. Authentic Indian cuisine is offered in Marco Polo’s Hotel Bombay Restaurant.

Curry-based dishes are a hit here. Lovers of Lebanese food will have a great time in Awtar, while those who would love to try exotic food should try Al Mahara at least once. From turtles to sharks, they are all served there.

In Dubai, there’s always something to eat. Make sure to sample these food places on your Dubai holidays. 


Dubai is also famous for its shopping scene. From local stores to luxury boutiques, Dubai definitely knows how to lure shopaholics to spend. Fragrances, spices, and gold jewelry can be bought here. In addition, all the biggest brands from Gucci to Armani are in Dubai too.

The Mall of Emirates is known for its more than 200 shops. Whether you fancy some handicraft goods or want to splurge in branded items, this place is a must-visit.

Food stations are also all over the place, as well as a cinema for those who need a bit of entertainment. The Wafi Shopping Centre is highly recommended for those who would love to shop in more luxurious surroundings. This complex is all about the grand and the classy.

The Egyptian-themed interiors create a more stunning shopping ambiance. If you love to splurge, this should definitely be included in your Dubai holiday’s must-see places.

Al-Gurair City houses names like Nine West are there and are a great place to buy authentic Arabic crafts and furnishings. For bargain hunters, January is the best time to be in Dubai for the so-called shopping festival.

Holidays in Dubai are far from boring, as it is a very interesting city. Guests will be able to enjoy plenty of exciting activities to make their vacation even livelier. For one thing, they can head to the beach to cool the heat of the sun.

Jumeirah Beach is a favorite among tourists. Aside from the very white sand, the water is bright turquoise. It’s a nice venue to spend the day swimming. 

A day devoted to the beach sounds like a really good idea when in the Middle East. Guests can also ski. Imagine skiing in a very hot city. Sounds like fun right? The Mall of the Emirates has some ski facilities to help you cool off after a long day in the sun. 

The markets in Dubai are also some nice places to visit. The Deira Covered Market is a nice place to get henna and hoard some fragrant spices, incense, and oud perfumes.

Colorful clothing and rich fabrics are also available at the souk, so you can buy some to take with you home. Aside from that, guests can also buy solid gold jewelry with a caliber unlike any other in the world. 

In addition, guests can also visit the safari on their holidays to Dubai. The safari takes guests on a real desert experience. Imagine driving on the sand dunes, which is challenging but a lot of fun.

If you like to tour the rest of Dubai in one go, you can also go on a cruise. This is a rare experience but is something truly worthwhile. 

Holidays to Dubai will definitely allow each of the family members to enjoy and lavish on the beauty of a truly unique city. Book your stay in Dubai today and have a vacation you will never forget.

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