La Mantilla Legend

In Cartagena de Indias, each street has its own story, and every story his own characters. La Mantilla, the street where Hotel LM is located, owes its name to a dramatic love story.

In 1658 Don Juan Perez de Guzman, governor of Cartagena de Indias fell in love with Maria de Encarnacion, daughter of Don Baltasar de Soriano, a senior employee of the Royal Treasury. Hi asks her father for the young woman's hand. Time passes and the wedding was not performed.

Time after, Don Perez de Guzman was appointed governor of Puerto Rico, and without letting anyone know, he left the city in the first galleon that sailed.

Maria de Encarnacion, upon learning of the departure of her fiancé, filled of sorrow, strangled herself with the silk veil (la mantilla) he wore every Sunday for church. This is because the vile boyfriend that dump her, also had left her pregnant.

Since then, the street was called "La Mantilla". The "LM" at the hotel's name stands for "La Mantilla"